Laundry Tips

Doing laundryIf you’re having a problem with your washer and dryer, it can throw off the house’s whole routine. This can be especially true if you have children around, who tend to dirty up clothes like it’s going out of style. In order to keep your family and house running smoothly, it’s essential to get your laundry room back on track.

Few people realize that when things get dicey in the laundry room, the best person to call is usually the plumber. We have extensive experience dealing with hiccups from washers and dryers. We can help you troubleshoot and determine exactly what the problem is.

Here are some of the most common problems that we deal with when it comes to laundry:

Clogged floor drain: Most laundry rooms come equipped with floor drains to help keep the area clean and to drain water. However, because this drain is seldom used, it can also have some strange problems. Some people find that this drain can become smelly from backup of other water sources, or it might get clogged when lint, dirt, and hair fall down it often. We can help you clear out this drain and keep it clean and functional.

Clogged utility sink: Most laundry rooms also come with a utility sink to the side, used for hand-washed clothing, bleaching, or small stains. However, because it’s such a handy space, it also ends up being used for any number of projects, from painting to cleaning off muddy boots. This makes it easy for problems to happen with the sink. If your sink is clogged, we can get it cleared up in a wink.

Flooding from blocked drain lines: Pipes that clear out grey water that comes from your washing machine can also get blocked up, which quickly causes a major problem in your laundry room. Since the draining pipe is clogged, the water floods the laundry room. Usually this is a simple fix in your pipes, not a problem with your washing machine. This often gets blocked up because of a buildup of lint, soap, or other debris from dirty clothes. You can help prevent this clogging by clearing out the lint trap regularly, and making sure your clothes are rinsed of any major mud and dirt before tossing them into the washing machine.

Installation of new washing machine: Washing machines and dryers can be confusing. They have a lot of hookups and they need to be installed meticulously to ensure that they function correctly. If you’re installing a new washing machine or replacing an old one, we can help you get it set up correctly.

No hot water: Another common problem in the laundry room is a lack of hot water. Some fabrics and stains require hot water in order to get them clean and maintain them as well as possible. If your hot water isn’t making it to the laundry room (or not working at all) we can help you find the cause and get it running hot again!

Washing machine repairs: As we said before, we have a lot of experience in working with washing machines. Often, we can help you figure out what the problem is if your washing machine isn’t working as it should be. We can check the input and output of the water to see if something is getting stopped up along the way, and check the mechanism to make sure that it’s functioning as well as it should be. If you’re having troubles in the laundry room, give us a call today!