Hydro Jet Servicing

hydro jet cleaner

The process of hydro jet servicing is quite similar to that of power washing. It is a method of high quality cleaning with high pressure streams of water. Hydro jets have plenty of applications in the world of plumbing, as they are able to efficiently clean out buildups of gunk and debris in pipes and water lines. These hydro jets are immensely powerful and are able to do what they do because of the ultra-high water pressure that they are able to produce. Using one for your storm or sanitary pipes will enable you to get rid of contaminants that may be festering because of buildup on the pipe walls.

At Electric Rooter, we have a large assortment of jet cleaners. There are the small portable "mini-jets" that put out 2 g.p.m. @ 1200 p.s.i. to the "Steam Jet" that puts out 2200 p.s.i. @ 12 g.p.m. with water temperatures up to 180 degrees. Next is the "US Jet" that puts out 4,000 p.s.i. @ 25 g.p.m. and the "Commercial Jet" that puts out 2,000 p.s.i. @ 85 g.p.m. These jets can revive most pipes.

They have the unique ability to go in any size opening and still get the inner walls almost as clean as the day they were installed. Our "Steam Jet" can melt tar out of roof drains, thaw a frozen water or sewer pipe, and thaw a roof drain, all in a matter of minutes. Our "Commercial Jet" will clean storm and sanitary sewers up to 48 inches in diameter. The "mini jets" can go through a 1-1/4-inch p-trap. In addition, our "US Jet" restores most pipes, up to 6 inches to near its original capacity. All our jets have several different nozzles to clean lines. Our "Commercial Jet" even has a root cutter nozzle for cleaning up to 48-inch sewers.

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