In-Line Sewer Inspection

The Importance of In-Line Inspection

When it comes down to fixing pipes, everyone involved wants the process to be as simplified and as low-cost as possible. This is best accomplished when a professional, and the customer, has a precise knowledge of exactly what the problem is. Using in-line cameras to monitor the insides of drain pipes turns plumbing into an exact science, because it allows everyone to see what is causing issues such as buildup, leakage, or clogs. It not only helps any current problems be fixed easier, but also gives an idea to the customer of how to avoid these problems in the future.

In-line Sewer Inspection and Pipe Locating

Our in-line camera visually inspects the inside of a drain, along with the built-in transmitter in the head of the camera, helps to trace and locate any problem areas, such as slipped joints, tree roots, collapsed lines, bellies (low sewers), or foreign objects (cans, bottles, sticks, rocks, etc.). We have several cameras that go into openings from 2-inch to 6-inch lines. The built-in transmitter can then save hundreds of dollars in excavating fees. Contractors can benefit from trying to tie into a line by knowing where it is buried. Have you ever had a constant reoccurring problem and wanted to know why? Now you can. The entire process is videotaped on DVD or flash card and given to the customer when the job is completed. It can be emailed to the customer also.

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