Backflow Inspection

Need to have your plumbing inspected for backflow?

back flow inspectionBackflow, or back flow, occurs when clean, potable water reverses direction in your home plumbing system, causing a suction that pulls undesirable, dirty water into your clean water supply system. Backflow is highly dangerous because it can result in drinking water that is contaminated with harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and even human waste. The chance of backflow exists whenever there is a cross-connection between clean, potable water and dirty, non-potable water; backflow preventers are normally required at these cross-connections in both residential and commercial plumbing systems.

Ideally, your backflow prevention devices will always work effectively to protect your clean water supply; however, this is not always the case. Harsh water in your system, for example, can lead to rust and deterioration, or your backflow preventer might even be stolen. Since backflow preventers can be compromised, they should be inspected annually to ensure that they are working effectively.

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