Drain Cleaning

Whether your drain is clogged or simply draining slower than usual,

clean sink drainElectric Rooter can brings things back to clean, working order. We specialize in cutting through drain clogs and clearing your drains of all debris so that they’ll drain quickly and cleanly again.


Kitchen and Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Kitchen and bathroom drain clogs are not uncommon. With all of the wear and tear they see on an everyday basis, it’s natural for these drains to slowly clog over time. Kitchen sink drains see large quantities of drain clogging food and debris daily, and as greases, fats, soaps, and detergents build up on the inner walls of the pipes, these pipes will eventually see blockage. Bathroom sink drains are exposed to high levels of hair and soap buildup—and bathroom shower and tub drains are even more so. Toilet drains, meanwhile, can see waste buildup or become clogged with toilet paper and other items.


Other Drain Cleaning and Plumbing

There are other drains in your home that need regular attention as well. Floor drains, for example, are commonly found in basements and laundry rooms, as well as in garages, bathrooms, patios, and driveways. These floor drains feature a trap that should be kept filled with water at all times to prevent odors and gas from escaping. Sometimes dirt and debris can wreak havoc on these drains, but they can easily be restored to good working order with a plumber’s help. Outdoor downspout drains, which help direct water from roof gutters away from your home, can also become clogged with leaves and debris. Electric Rooter can help you clean these downspouts and their connecting pipes in order to prevent flooding and restore proper drainage around your home.

There isn’t a plumbing repair that we can’t handle here at Electric Rooter. So if any aspect of your property’s drainage is causing you trouble, give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We have years of experience in residential plumbing here in Salt Lake City, and we’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can always be ready to meet your plumbing needs.