Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Are you having drain or sewer problems?

wash water drainageElectric Rooter can clean your drains and sewers and get them working as efficiently as possible. There are several reasons you might need to schedule a drain or sewer cleaning:


Unclogging your sink, shower, or toilet drain

First, your sink, shower, or toilet drain can easily become blocked or clogged, preventing you from navigating through your day-to-day tasks. A shower drain, for example, might see buildup of soap scum, while a kitchen drain might become clogged with fat and food waste. A basement or utility room drain, meanwhile, might become clogged with dirt and debris. Or, an outdoor downspout drain might become clogged with leaves and debris, comprising your home’s drainage system. While some clogs can be removed manually or by a DIY method (such as pouring hot water down your sink drain), many clogs require the expertise of a plumbing professional. A plumber can use a snake or hydro-jet drain cleaner to solve all of your clogged drain issues.


Sewer and water line plumbing

Alternatively, you might find that you are encountering sewer or water line problems. A clogged sewer line, for example, might slow down your drainage system, and it might cause gurgling sounds to come from your toilet bowl. Tree roots can also cause extensive blockages in sewer lines, as they tend to seek moisture underground and often find it in water and sewer lines. A sewer line can also become clogged or broken as a result of lodged objects, extreme temperatures, ground shifting, improper installation, or general deterioration. Whatever might be going on with your sewer lines, a plumbing professional can perform an in-line inspection to pinpoint the issue. If there is some sort of blockage or buildup, an experienced plumber can perform a thorough sewer cleaning service in order to restore your sewer lines to working order.

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