Plumbing Contracting

Need a plumbing contractor for your new build or remodel?

Because plumbing contracting can be much more complPlumbing repair serviceicated than standard plumbing service, not all plumbers can work as plumbing contractors; but we at Electric Drain & Sewer Rooter have the skills and years of experience necessary to handle the complex work involved in plumbing contracting. Electric Rooter can take care of your plumbing contracting needs.

What does a plumbing contractor do

A plumbing contractor is responsible for installing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and replacing the system of pipes, connections, fixtures, and devices that serve a home or commercial building. If you are working on a new build or remodel, a plumbing contractor might take care of the waste disposal system, water heaters, backflow prevention, toilet and appliance installation, or just about anything else related to water supply or sewage. A plumbing contractor might also be hired to perform a final inspection—or serve as a consultant during a home’s planning stages, ensuring that the new construction or remodel strictly complies with all local, state, and federal building codes.

A contractor might specialize in the residential or commercial sector, or work in both; or a contractor might specialize in a particular area of contracting such as installation, maintenance, or replacement. We at Electric Rooter, for example, specialize in both residential and commercial plumbing contracting, and we do contracting work for new builds and remodels.

Call Electric Rooter for your Plumbing Contractor needs

If you need a plumbing contractor for your new build or remodel, look no further than Electric Drain & Sewer Rooter. We have been in business since 1972, and our commitment has always been to offer the highest quality service at a reasonable price. Our vehicles are always stocked to handle any job, and our technicians are some of the most professional in the industry. Give us a call today at 801-803-5660.