Need help with a home sprinkler system?

home sprinkler systemHome irrigation systems, or lawn sprinkler systems, are especially popular here in the Salt Lake Valley because of the dry climate our lawns are exposed to every year. In order for our grass to get the ample water it needs to stay green, an underground sprinkler system is almost a necessity.

Because of their complex mechanics, sprinkler systems are best installed and maintained under the care of an experienced professional. The installation process for a home sprinkler system is carried out in a number of steps. First, the homeowner and sprinkler system professional must check with local codes and have local utilities mark the location of all buried gas lines, pipes, and cables. Then, the professional will mark with flags or spray paint where the sprinklers will be installed and where trenches will be dug for installing the sprinkler system lines. Your sprinkler system professional will typically use a trenching machine to dig trenches on your property, and then he or she will lay out the pipe and fittings. A connection will need to be made in the supply line that leads to your home, and a system shut-off valve, backflow prevention device, and sprinkler system valve will also need to be installed. Beyond piping and fittings, an electrical connection leading to the sprinkler system valve, a controller, and sprinkler heads will need to be installed throughout the system. Installation ends with flushing the newly installed system, filling the trenches, and placing the valve cover.

A home irrigation system is designed to be low maintenance once it is installed. You can control it automatically using an irrigation timer, or manually using built-in manual controls. A rain sensor can even be installed, which will temporarily disable your system when rainy weather hits. Despite being low maintenance, however, home sprinkler systems do encounter issues every so often. Common repairs made to home sprinkler systems include replacing sprinkler heads, cleaning and resetting heads, correcting backflow, replacing valves, rewiring the electrical system, and locating and addressing leaks.

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