Preparing for a Visit from Your Plumber

  • Preparing for a Visit from Your Plumber

    empty sink cabinetAre you considering calling your local plumber to have them take a look at your home’s plumbing system? Here are a few things you’ll want to do beforehand to ensure that your plumber is able to do the best job possible when making repairs.

    Assess your overall plumbing system.

    Before you even make the call to your local plumber, it’s a good idea to assess your plumbing system as a whole to determine if there is more than one problem that needs addressing. Multiple issues could be related, after all, and any information you can give will help your plumber perform an effective and comprehensive repair of your plumbing system.

    You can briefly inspect your plumbing by checking your connections, looking for signs of damaged flooring around plumbing fixtures, and checking for your system leaks. (An easy way to check for leaks is to check your water meter, turn off your water for two hours, and then check your water meter again for a different usage level.) As long as you’re hiring a reliable plumber, you need not worry about catching every potential issue in your home’s plumbing system; a reliable plumber like Electric Rooter will come to your home prepared with all the tools necessary to handle any plumbing issue that might arise.

    Prepare to answer any questions.

    On a related note, you should also be prepared to answer any questions your plumber might have. Your plumber might ask you questions like, “What is the problem?” or “When did you first notice the problem?” You should also be able to answer questions about any attempts at repairs you made and about your home’s history of plumbing issues.

    Clear the repair area.

    It can also help out your plumber a great deal to clear the area where repairs need to be made beforehand. This also means making sure that your plumber will have access to the main water line if needed. Clearing the repair area will also ensure that your belongings will not get damaged during the repair process.

    Keep pets out.

    Pets can definitely cause problems and become a distraction when your plumber is busy making repairs. Even more, the tools and plumbing parts involved in plumbing repairs could be a threat to your pet’s safety. Be sure to keep pets away from the repair area, either by taking them outside or by keeping them in a secure area in your home.

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