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Pumps, Septic, and Holding


Our modern pump trucks can tackle any job. Our high-powered vacuum pumper has a capacity of 2,300 gallons, and our experienced technicians have the knowledge to help you with any problem. Try our fast and clean service for your oil, mud, grease, car wash sumps, septic system, holding tank, or canyon vaults. We do not just skim the surface; we take it all, scrape the sides, and wash it down.

Need your septic system serviced? We offer drainfield restoration for your septic system. This involves professional tank pumping and cleaning, followed by locating the drainfield, cleaning the lines, and any other procedures that may be necessary. Common signs of an inefficient septic drainfield include a soft or muddy drainfield area, water seeping out of the tank, and slow drainage of showers and bathtubs.

Industrial Vac, Catch Basins, and Sumps

Our industrial vac truck can pump out the toughest of problems, from catch basins to gravel sumps. This industrial brute has a 6 inch suction hose on a boom, and a large debris tank. We can perform professional vacuuming and cleaning service, which ultimately prevents outflow pipe blocking, protects the environment, and prevents expensive flood damage.

Environmental Benefits

Did you know that pump trucks offer a variety of environmental benefits? The backup of sludge that is often handled by pump trucks can become a major source of pollutants, and it can even become dangerous to nearby water sources if not handled correctly. Pump trucks allow much of this to be disposed of safely. Regular pump truck service is part of maintaining a well functioning tank system, allowing society to keep flowing without risk of contamination.

Septage that is collected by pump trucks can also be used for compost, which works as a powerful fertilizer for plants. This allows waste to become useful to the planet once again!

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