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Utah Rooting Services

The first roto-rooter was invented by a father and son team. Sam Blanc was visiting his son’s apartment. Frustrated by the tree roots obstructing the pipes and causing the plumbing to function badly, they jimmy-rigged a device made of a strong steel cable that rotated sharp blades, powered by a washing machine rotor and propped on skate wheels. Delving into the pipes, they were able to cut and clear the roots obstructing the pipes. This revolutionized plumbing, as it eliminated the need to dig up pipes from the yard and re-install them whenever you needed to clear out clogs.

Although the original design is no longer used, rooter services now refer to any in-pipe system that we use to clean up and improve the efficiency of your plumbing. And although it was originally made to deal with tree roots (thus the name,) it’s now used for just about any in-pipe obstruction.

Today, Rooter Services May Include:

  • Root-killing chemicals: these chemicals gradually move through pipes like an herbicide, killing roots that are growing into the pipes and causing cracks and clogs. Although these chemicals have to be strong enough to clear away hardy tree roots, they also need to be carefully measured and used so as not to do more damage to the pipes themselves.
  • Plumbing snakes: Close to the original design of a roto-rooter, a plumbing snake is a flexible cable that can be inserted into a pipe in order to break up clogs and remove obstructions.
  • Hydro-jet cleaning: Hydro jetting sends a powerful high-pressure blast of water through your pipes in order to push obstructions along, clear corners, and generally clean up the inner workings of your plumbing.
  • In-pipe scopes: Thanks to modern technology, we’re able to add an amazing function to plumbing snakes and cables. Adding a tiny camera to the end, we can examine the inner workings of your pipes in order to locate and diagnose problems.

Although rooter service can include all of these things, it’s usually shorthand to refer specifically to snaking the drains and clearing up things that slow your plumbing.

When Do You Need a Rotor Service?

  • To clear and speed up slow drains
  • As a part of regular maintenance, it improves the regular function of your plumbing and makes it so more costly repairs down the line aren’t necessary.
  • Prevents wastewater backup
  • Clears up problems connecting one drain’s problems to the other (for example, if your sink drain backs up when you shower.)

Clearing Up Tree Roots

Tree roots have long been infamous for being the culprit behind old plumbing clogs, and over the past century, homeowners and plumbers have been seeking innovative solutions to this common household problem. This led to the invention of the mechanized plumber’s snake, which was soon dubbed the “rooter” for short. Soon drain cleaning became synonymous with the term “rooter.”

A rooter service is necessary in cases when roots have begun to creep into your underground plumbing via microscopic holes and cracks. Even extremely small roots can be problematic if they manage to enter your plumbing system. An annual rooter service can ensure that your pipes remain intact and clear of roots, meaning you will not need to pay for expensive pipe replacement further down the road.

Electric Rooter can help you get your home’s plumbing clear and running as smoothly as possible. We offer rooter services to ensure that your drains are always clean and clog-free.

We offer over 30 years of experience in the field of residential plumbing, and we keep our trucks fully stocked so that we can address any and every problem that might come to surface as we work on your home. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.