Tree Root Killing

Are tree roots damaging your plumbing?

willow treeMany homeowners underestimate the damage that tree roots can cause to plumbing. Tree roots, however, naturally seek moisture and nutrients underground. Therefore, they can wreak major havoc on underground plumbing. According to the EPA, root intrusion is actually the most common cause of destruction in wastewater collection systems.

How does tree root damage happen?

Standard drain field pipes are perforated, and while this allows for some wastewater to move into the ground, it also results in ground moisture that attracts tree roots. Cracked and loose pipes, meanwhile, result in additional water vapor that attracts tree roots. If tree roots grow far enough toward underground pipes, they can invade pipes, eventually causing a pipe blockage or split. This most commonly occurs with aspen, maple, and willow trees, which have extensive root systems that will grow as far as necessary to reach water.

Electric Drain & Sewer Rooter, Inc. is prepared to help you manage tree root related plumbing problems—and prevent serious tree root damage before it happens. Our professionals can kill damaging tree roots while preserving the integrity of your tree, allowing you to continue enjoying your landscape. We most often do this using a specialized root control solution, which is pumped through your pipes. The solution kills roots on contact and leaves a barrier behind that will prevent future root growth. This method is more effective than mechanical tree root cutting because it stops tree root growth; with mechanical cutting, cutting tree roots only encourages vigorous re-growth.

If you think tree roots are affecting your residential or commercial plumbing system in Utah, give us a call at Electric Drain & Sewer Rooter, Inc. Our professionals are highly experienced, and we pride ourselves on offering convenient, high quality service with integrity.