Plumber with Plumbing tools on the kitchen. Renovation.Whatever your plumbing needs are, we can handle it! Our fleet trucks are stocked with parts and drain cleaning equipment, including hydro jet cleaning systems powerful enough to melt tar in drains and thaw frozen drains in minutes. So whether you need a bathroom tub faucet repaired, or a sewer line cleaned, give us a call for experienced service and low prices.

Hydro Jet Servicing

clogged pipe plumbing toolWe have a large assortment of jet cleaners. There are the small portable "mini-jets" that put out 2 g.p.m. @ 1200 p.s.i. to the "Steam Jet" that puts out 2200 p.s.i. @ 12 g.p.m. with water temperatures up to 200 degrees.

Rootx Rooting

RootsROOTX is a nonsystemic, patented chemical root control formula.This means it only kills the roots it contacts, not the tree or plant.The active ingredient, Dichlobenil, will not only kill roots, but will also prevent their regrowth for up to one year. ROOTX is the number one environmentally safe, easy-to-use, root killer on the market today.

In-Line Sewer Cameras

Flexisi11Jul007Our in-line camera video records and traces pipes. We can tell the path and depth and mark them. It is useful for homeowners to see the problem and correct it and for contractors looking for a line hook up.

Pumping Services

Fuel truck which refill. Hoses and pumps to load the truckOur modern pump trucks can tackle any job. Our high-powered vacuum pumper has a capacity of 2,300 gallons. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to help you with any problem.