Faucet Repair

Whether your faucet needs repairing or replacing,

leaky faucetElectric Rooter is prepared to address all of your faucet repair needs. We can put an end to dripping faucets that waste your water and your money. We can install a completely new tub or sink faucet in your bathroom, or simply a new sink faucet in your kitchen. No job is too small for us here at Electric Rooter.

We also know when it’s more cost effective to replace your faucet rather than try to fix an old one. Sometimes a faucet is simply too worn to be repaired effectively, and at other times cracks in the valve bodies make a repair more expensive than a new installation. We’ll be upfront with you about which repair options will suit your home best.

Having highly functional and well installed faucets in your home is not only pleasant for everyday living; it can also make a big difference when it comes time to sell your home. A professionally installed (and repaired) faucet is much more attractive to the prospective homebuyer, and your home will look modern and up-to-date when you have the latest sink and tub hardware installed. And if you plan on doing any major kitchen or bathroom renovations before selling your home, Electric Rooter can help you transform your space while keeping your plumbing system running smoothly throughout.

We can handle all plumbing issues—large and small—at Electric Rooter. We also have a keen eye for detail throughout every project that we do. So if your faucet is causing you trouble, give us a call today to schedule an appointment. We have years of experience in the field of residential plumbing here in the Salt Lake City area, and we’ll come to your home with our trucks fully stocked and prepared for addressing any additional plumbing issues that might arise.