How to Limit Toilet Water Waste

  • How to Limit Toilet Water Waste

    While one of the most important fixtures in the house, the toilet can easily be one of the most wasteful. Some toilets, especially older models, have a tendency to use far more water than is necessary. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for the average homeowner to conserve toilet water and save a little extra money in the process:

    Displace more water
    Sometimes, the problem is simply that the tank is filling up with too much water. The way to solve that issue is to place something into the tank that displaces enough water to fool the toilet into thinking it is full. A cheap, and effective, option is to fill a plastic jug with water and place it in the tank. Some people will use bricks, but it is best to avoid anything that could break down and spread particulates through the system.

    Adjust the float ball

    There are other ways to influence how much water your toilet fills with.Toilets have a simple mechanism involving a copper or plastic float ball that rests on top of the water and stops the tank from overfilling. Another simple fix is to simply bend the rod holding the ball, just a little, so that it is lower in the tank. Doing so will keep the tank from filling too much.

    Check the flapper valve
    A loose flapper valve can cause a toilet to use far too much water. To check if your valve needs tightening or replacing, place a few drops of food coloring in the reservoir tank and wait about 15 minutes. If you see food coloring in the bowel, it means your toilet has a leaky valve. Fortunately, the fix for this is simple. Remove the valve, check for the model number and find a replacement at the hardware store. Install the new valve and you are done.

    Check the filler valve

    This valve allows water into the toilet after it flushes. If this valve becomes dirty or damaged, it can become less effective and lead to some wasted water. The valve should be on the left side of the tank, connected to the fill tube, float, and overflow tube. To replace this valve, shut off the water supply to your toilet and then flush to drain the tank. Then remove the entire filler valve assembly–it should come out in one piece. Once you have it, inspect the valve for damage or see if it needs cleaning. If necessary, you can purchase an assembly replacement kit and place a completely new valve back into your toilet.

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