Residential Plumbing

From everyday maintenance to emergency repair,

suburban neighborhoodElectric Rooter is prepared to meet your residential plumbing needs. Residential plumbing is a highly varied field that requires expertise is a tremendous number of plumbing areas. A great residential plumber can do anything from repairing small faucet leaks and performing in-line camera inspections, to installing sprinklers and getting rid of damaging tree roots.

We can make your home more environmentally sustainable by installing an energy efficient water heater, repairing faucet leaks, and repiping your home. We can help you improve the look of your home and property by installing sprinklers. And we can make your home’s plumbing run more smoothly by inspecting your pipes, addressing leaks, and clearing root blockages.

We offer over 30 years of experience in the field of residential plumbing, and our technicians are always friendly, clean, skilled, and professional. We keep our trucks fully stocked so that we can address any and every problem that might come to surface as we work on your home. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!