A sprinkler waters the grass.Now that summer is upon us, it’s time for the sprinkler systems to be turned back on. After all, one of the best parts of getting to hang out outside during the summer months is getting to do it on a beautiful green lawn. However, if you live in a desert, like here in Utah, then it is also important to remember that you need to conserve water in any way that you can, while in your pursuit of a perfectly green lawn. Here are some ways to save sprinkler water in the summer season…

Use water conservation sprinkler heads

If you have sprinkler heads that push out a ridiculous amount of water, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your lawn is going to get greener, or that it is going to take in all of that water. Grass can only absorb water so quickly. Any extra water being poured on it too quickly is going to turn into runoff, which wastes water. Update your sprinkler system with special sprinkler heads that conserve water, and you can reduce the amount of water it takes to get a green lawn.

Water in the morning

The time of day that you water your lawn makes a major difference in how much water you need to use to get similar results. For example, if you water your lawn in the heat of the afternoon, then you are going to lose lots of water to evaporation, due to the heat and the placement of the sun. Instead, water your lawn in the morning, right before the sun is fully up, to get the best results for your grass.

Use a rain sensor

It is awfully silly to use your sprinkler system to water your lawn if it is already raining outside. This is just an obvious waste of water that shouldn’t happen when you live in a desert state. For this reason, installing a rain sensor is a good idea, if you have an automatic sprinkler system that will kick on at the same time every day.

Use effective sprinkler placement

Your sprinkler system should be set up so that each sprinkler head is hitting a maximum amount of grass, without a whole lot of overlap, and without any missed spots that will get dry and unattractive. If your sprinkler system has too many areas of overlap, then you are wasting water to get the same results.